Supplying aluminum powder used for PV thick film. According to the different requirements of the PV market, has developed a variety of PV series aluminum products with international competiveness.Forming a complete product series for PV industry.
PV Industry
    1.Advanced atomization technology supplies ultra fine aluminum powder.

    2.Meet PV industry’s different specifications’ requirements.
    3. Stable control of impurities content.

    4.Screening out the big particles.

    5. Ensure continuous and stable product supply.


  Al 99.85%   Si Max 0.1%   Fe Max 0.1%
       UltraFine           uperFine             MicronFine
1um 3um 4um 5um 6um 7um 8um 10um

        At the base of the products’ standard specification, customized aluminum powder is provided.