Aluminum powder produced using inert gas with spherical or near spherical shape can be used in the industries of refractory, construction, chemical engineering, fireworks, steel industry and etc.
General Industry
    1.Uniformed particle size distribution.

    2.Big specific surface area.

    3.High active aluminum content.

    4.Ensure continuous and stable products supply.


Main applications include packing, deoxidizing agent and desulfurizer for steel making, chemical analyst, reducing agent, foaming agent for aeroconcrete, anti-corrosion coatings and additives for paints.



  Al 99.85%   Si Max 0.1%   Fe Max 0.1%
         Ultra Fine         Super and Micron Fine       Less Coarse
1um 3um ... 10um ... 20um ... 500um
  Al 99.85%   Si Max 0.1%   Fe Max 0.1%
       Coarse                LessCoarse               Micron Fine
40mesh ... 150mesh ... 325mesh ... ... 600mesh

     At the base of the products’ standard specification, customized aluminum powder is provided.